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Ordinal Theory

Ordinals are a numbering scheme for satoshis that allows tracking and transferring individual sats. These numbers are called ordinal numbers. Satoshis are numbered in the order in which they’re mined and transferred from transaction inputs to transaction outputs first-in-first-out.
Both the numbering scheme and the transfer scheme rely on order, the numbering scheme on the order in which satoshis are mined, and the transfer scheme on the order of transaction inputs and outputs.
Ordinals are a type of non-fungible token that is built on the Bitcoin blockchain and utilize bitcoin nodes. They are called “Ordinals” because they are assigned a unique rank or position in a series of NFTs. This ranking system is what makes each Ordinal unique and distinguishes it from all other tokens within the series.
Each Ordinal is designed to be explored and analyzed exactly as you would on the Ethereum network. To make it easier for ETH users to access these NFTs, we plan to establish an Ordinals BTC marketplace and launchpad that provides a streamlined and user-friendly interface for acquiring and minting NFTs on the Bitcoin network.
In response to the growing interest in Ordinals, our platform aims to bring the benefits of NFTs to the Bitcoin network and provide a new way for users to interact with and own unique digital assets.